Radio Feed

Posted on 25 June 2016 | Comment
FM Radio is very popular in Goa and a lot of clients prefer it as an alternative to print and outdoor. There is a 24hr English music station- Radio Indigo (Originally from Bangalore, and also 24hr there) which is popular with the young & professional crowd. As a result, I get to do a lot of Radio spots for Goan clients. The interesting difference between doing a Radio spot in Bombay v/s in Goa is that- in Bombay, one has to go to a recording studio with your script, get it done, get approval from client/agency and then send it to the radio station. In Goa, there aren't many professional Sound Recording studios, so the Radio station records it for you- as part of the Broadcast Package! I hope Goan clients realise how lucky they are... Read More