Brochures, Book & Editorial Design

Brochure, Editorial and Book Design design is quite a challenge, just as it is quite interesting. A good project gives you the chance to take risks with design, and also to be involved in the production aspect of choosing papers, new printing techniques/ effects etc. I have had the opportunity to work on Creative projects as well as some serious ones. Shown below are some samples of a few brochures and book designs.

A Song for Saligao- Coffee Table book by Clarice Vaz

This book designed for Clarice Vaz was a labour of love. First of all, it was designed for a friend and artist I truly admire, secondly, it is about Saligao- my neighbouring village. This book took over 2 years to complete. And in spite of the many glitches during printing, it is still up there, a dream project closest to my heart


This is my second coffee table book design for Clarice Vaz. It was a challenge to do this, but that's exactly my kind of assignment. Enjoyed doing the illustrations as well


A brochure commissioned by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation for Aparanta- an exhibition of Goan artists. The exhibition was curated by Ranjit Hoskote, and held at the old GMC building in Panjim. The challenge was coordinating with many individuals and praying that they don't spoil the broth! And I learnt one thing: when you work for a govt. dept., they have huge budgets, but they don't think it's important to hire good designers. In this case, both the designer and the dept. was happy!

I did the entire advertising and design for this exhibition- from Branding, Invites, Posters, Newspaper and Magazine ads, and exhibition design- inside the venue and the exterior of the Exhibition hall

Goemcho Festamkar

This is coffee table book on Marius Fernandes- Goa's Festival Man. It is a compilation of his work in promoting local village festivals. I did this along with my artist friend, Clarice Vaz- who helped me with coordination and production. I edited, planned and designed the book

Rockwave Goa

A creative brochure created for an International Heavy Metal Rock Festival in Goa. This was done prior to the event to pitch at sponsors for the show. It had details on the event and a page for every band participating. I did the design and the content- as it is a subject I’m very well versed in.


This was another assignment for a Govt. Dept- Directorate of Industries,Trade & Commerce and Directorate of Mining & Geology. It was a draft of RPG- 2021. This was another prestigious assignment. I got to work with the Late Charles Correa on this, and he was a tough task master. It's a fairly serious and standard design- for me, as a designer. But for the department it was a big deal, as their earlier Regional Plan documents were just spiral bound collection of printouts! So I can safely say that I did the first professionally designed Regional Plan ever done for any state in the country. I'm told that a lot of states are now using it as a reference.

Resort Brochure- Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC)

A simple brochure that classified the various resorts of GTDC as City, Beach, Hinterland & Eco resorts. It also had tariffs, directions and important numbers.

Santa Fe Realty: Dreamwoods Homes

A brochure aimed at buyers and investors in a 2nd home in Goa. This was a challenge as these were homes in the hills- not the typical beach view homes that NRI’s and non-goans prefer in Goa. Had to impress upon the beauty of hinterland Goa.

Catalog for an Art Auction: Bebook

Art catalog for an art auction to raise funds for a charity. There are many more pages- but these give an idea of the look

Wine & Cheese Times

A tabloid newspaper design for a Wine Festival organised at a swish Bandra Restaurant