About Bina Nayak

I'm an independent Graphic Designer and Communication specialist with a BFA (Applied Art) from Sir JJ School of Art, Bombay, with 29+ yrs in the Advertising & Media Industry. I grew up in Bombay, and I currently live and work out of Goa. I design and write copy, and work independently on Films and Radio.

Agencies worked in: Speer Communications, DDB Mudra, Chaitra Leo Burnett, Ogilvy (All in Bombay, Mudra in Bombay & Madras)
Creative Director (Consultant) Slipdisc Advertising, Events & Digital since 2003
In-house designer for Goa Tourism Development Corporation (2005- 2009) 
Head of Design at the Walt Disney Company (India) Ltd. from 2010 - 2012. Now work as a Design Vendor 

Design vendor with The Boston Consulting Group, Mumbai.

Awards:  Clio,  finalist at LIA (London International Awards) .

Apart from Advertising and Graphic Design- I paint, illustrate, sculpt in papier machie and write. I enjoy writing and illustrating for Graphic novels. 

My debut novel- Starfish Pickle, is releasing on 8th September 2021. It is going to be made into a movie soon. It is available on Amazon & Flipkart.

Amazon:  https://srishti.pub/starfish

Flipkart:  https://srishti.pub/pickle